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The Trees 

Andrew Siddle (Music & Lyrics) & Joe York (Book & Lyrics) 

The Trees is a rock horror musical comedy set in the fictional American town of Treelapia, a town obsessed with trees. This year's annual Arbor Day festival goes awry when all of the town's new trees turn into mutant killer monsters. It's up to local tour guide Bobby and a group of mismatched friends including a Satanist scout master and Paula Deen to save the town from the trees and their creator, evil Norwegian town botanist, Dr. Cornelius CøckBälls! With a score that takes influences from Queen, Meat Loaf and The Who, this show is just like Hitchcock's The Birds...but with trees!

Bug Tussle 

Jonathan Pearson (Book & Lyrics) & Andrew Siddle (Music & Lyrics)

Bug Tussle tells the story of Carl, a British professor teaching English 101 continuing education at Bug Tussle Community College in Bug Tussle, Texas before moving to New York to teach at Columbia. His plans are complicated when he falls in love with one of his mature students, Bobby. Bobby is in the process of divorcing his wife Sharon, with whom he has two kids.  The whole situation is further comlicated by the return of Carl's literary muse, Walt Whitman. Carl has to face the ghosts of his past and choose between love and career. It's a story about finding what "home" means to different people, running from your pasts, and learning to love again. 

Online Cupid 

A Song Cycle by Andrew Siddle

Online Cupid is a song cycle which follows a collection of people who use online dating websites. It explores different reasons why people turn to the internet in their quest for love and follows their successes and--more often--failures. Using a wide variety of musical styles from Motown to beat poetry, Online Cupid is a light-hearted comedic look at this social phenomenon!   

Legend Musicals 

A series of children's musicals by Andrew Siddle

Legend Musicals is a series of 4 children's musicals specifically written for large groups. The shows all contain many of parts of various sizes and plenty of chorus singing and involvement including special sections for 4-8 year olds. Each of the musicals is approximately 2 hours long and comes with a full libretto, piano/vocal score and orchestrations for 5-7 piece band. The shows are comic and light hearted, each one written in a unique musical style. For information on licensing these shows for your school or youth group, please feel free to contact me

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