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Film Scoring 


I've scored several short films over the last few years and it is an area I am keen to work in further. I like the challenge of trying to use alternative instrumentation, rather than a synthesised orchestra. This video is an example of my work, collaborating with filmmaker James Powdrill.


Every track on this website has been recorded, produced and mixed by me, mostly using my own equipment. Whether sequencing with virtual instruments or recording with real session musicians, producing and recording is something I really enjoy. The following are just a few examples of my work, combining live performances with sequenced elements.

Transcription/Arrangement/ Orchestration 

All of the tracks on this website have been orchestrated and arranged by me. I recently worked as part of the orchestration team for the Landless Theatre Company's new prog-metal production of SWEENEY TODD in Washington, DCI  can create orchestrations with classical or modern pop instrumentation for either live performances or recorded mediums. I am equally comfortable with vocal arranging for any combination of voices. I offer transcription services, creating scores or piano accompaniments from recorded tracks. 


Please contact me to learn more. 



I am an associate of the London College of Music (LCM) with a degree in musical theatre teaching. My lessons concentrate on singing technique and acting through song in preparation for LCM musical theatre exams. I teach one-to-one lessons to students from the age of 10. For more information, please feel free to contact me

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